What are eyelash extensions made of?

What are eyelash extensions made of?We should focus on the materials is used for eyelash extensions. One or two centuries ago, there was already so-called cilia-fringe. In those years, actress in theater successfully used it and later movie stars. And in the middle of the last century, these lashes are already available in department stores of USA. Such cilia looked like real fringes are strung on a thread. With special adhesive our mothers and grandmothers pasted these eyelashes on the upper eyelid.

Up until now, by the way, the aesthetic transformation exposed top eyelids, and not the lower one. But in contrast to the false eyelashes that used before, modern lashes look more natural, despite the fact that eyelashes is made of not only natural hair, but also artificial one. Be careful with artificial false eyelashes, because they contain nylon fibers, which can cause irritation if splashed in the eyes.

Make-up artists and stylists over all appreciate eyelash eyelashes made of natural mink fur and silk, including false eyelashes are handmade from these materials.

Don’t recommend painting these lashes by mascara. You can use such lashes to 30 times or more if you care of them. What else materials are used for lash extensions and what are made of? Want to find out it – click here

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