How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

How to remove eyelash extensions at home1. You may remove the semi-permanent eyelashes in different ways. It is much more effective and useful to have it done by the professional who made you the eyelash extensions. In beauty salons this procedure is carried out by means of special dissolving liquid.

2. You may also remove the eyelash extensions at home. For this you will need a debonder representing transparent scentless liquid. It dissolves the glue that sticks the semi-permanent eyelashes together and doesn't leave neither glue, nor pitch traces.

3. Usual oily cream used for this purpose is also rather effective. It is better to use hypoallergenic cosmetics. Apply some cream on the surface of eyelashes and in a few minutes wash it off with warm water. Under the influence of cream the glue will soften, and you will be able to remove the semi-permanent eyelashes without any effort.

4. The use of castor, olive or burdock oil is considered to be easy and more useful way to remove eyelashes. Apply any of the oils on your eyelashes for some time and then carefully wash it off. It will be more effective if you leave the medicine on your eyelashes for a night. If you sleep peacefully, put cotton pads impregnated in oil on your eyes.

Remove the semi-permanent eyelashes very carefully. Do not tear them off. Using the like oils at home makes it possible not only to remove false eyelashes, but also to strengthen your own ones.

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5. Some women prefer to remove the semi-permanent eyelashes by means of pincers for eyebrows. If you choose to use this means grab the eyelash basis where glue was applied and slowly knead the eyelashes as if you want to tear the eyelash off but don't do it. Due to such pressing glue will crumble. Carry out this procedure with each eyelash then wash yourself and apply one of the abovementioned oils on the eyelashes.


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