How do eyelash extensions work?

How do eyelash extensions workAn eyelash extension is a sure-fire way for a woman to have perfect and tremendous glance and the eye-catching image.

Each girl and woman pays much attention to the makeup of her eyes. As they say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Any man is very much attracted to girl’s eyes, and eyelashes play significant part in creating of the eyes image. It is very important to put makeup skillfully as it will allow to enlarge the eyes visually. The correct choice of mascara is also important. Our visagiste will help you with it, after all the use of good mascara extends and lengthens the eyelashes. But as it is so hard to set aside some time for makeup, eyelash extensions become real rescue. There are many types of eyelash extensions and below you will read about some of them.

Any technology of eyelash extensions is not the increase of your eyelashes, but their lengthening by means of additional eyelashes. Such eyelashes are attached by means of special glue which strongly holds the semi-permanent eyelashes and doesn't irritate the eyes. At present there are two popular technologies of eyelash extensions. They are gluing of eyelashes by bunches and gluing by ones.

Eyelash extensions Selfridges, London by bunches is a rather simple method for a skilled lash artist and doesn't take much time, but it is necessary to remember that materials should be qualitative. But as we know by experience the eyelashes do not grow by bunches that is why the semi-permanent eyelashes look unnatural. But the end result may be better if the extension is made with assiduity and thoroughness by a professional, at the end you will have the desired volume and length of the semi-permanent eyelashes.

Opposed to this method of extension is gluing by one eyelash. Each eyelash is fixed separately one by one; this method allows the eyelashes to look more natural and also helps to create different forms and options. The drawback of this method is that it takes a lot of time, but at the same time the quality of the performed work may increase the lifetime of eyelashes as opposed to extension by bunches. This result is achieved by means of special glue which allows to fix the eyelashes the best way possible, antiallergenic glues may also be used. How long to eyelash extensions last? If you take care of eyelash extensions that they are held on about 2 months.

It is possible to use these two methods simultaneously in order to combine and create new interesting images, for example, during fashion shows. Lash artists may use glues of different color, colorless glue helps to reach the effect of naturalness and black glue has the effect of eyeliner.

So you can save a little time on eye makeup but only in case the eyelash extensions is executed qualitatively, that depends a great deal on lash artist’s skills and materials he uses. Also the way you care of the eyelashes plays an important part in their lifetime. Avoid making eyelash extensions at home as you have no idea what materials your a lash artist uses and what qualification he has, you just have to trust the advertisement or word-of-mouth advertising. As for the needed care, delicate handling is the main advice. Don’t rub your eyes, don’t use oil-based makeup removers - oil destroys glue which is hanging by eyelashes, they begin to come out. One should be careful with the chlorinated water and contact lens. These simple rules will increase the lifetime of your eyelashes.

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