3D lash extensions

The 3D lash extension technoque has been spreading in recent years around the world. With this technique the lashes look absolutely natural. They are very light, soft and comfortable to wear. You choose the length of the artificial eyelashes by yourself. It can match the length of your natural lashes. In this case you add to your lashes volume and splendor. 3D lash extensions are resistant to sun, water, sweat and tears. With these lashes can shower, swim and sleep.

The 3D lash procedure is very comfortable and relaxing. The 3D lash extension technique consists in that each artificial eyelash is glued to natural one, as well as with individual lash extensions. But in contrast to the classical individual lash extensions, 3D lash extensions are made of special synthetic fibers - a material that is identical to human hair. These lashes are flexible and they do not break and have a beautiful natural bend. You do not have to curl your hair and twisting lashes.

3d lash extensionsBenefits of 3d-lashes.

  • The long-term effect of eyelashes 3D-Lashes lasts up to 2 months.
  • 3D lash extensions are very light, soft, comfortable to wear and feel like natural lashes.
  • 3D lash extensions are resistant to sun, water, sweat, tears; with them you can take a shower, swim, sleep.
  • 3D lash extensions are very comfortable and relaxing for the client.
  • 3D-Lashes will make your eyes more expressive.

The main difference between 3D lash extensions of the other methods consist of a special formula of adhesive is applied to 3D lash extension technique. Usually traditional artificial eyelashes are held up by no more than a month. Eyelashes, extended by 3D lash extension technique, will last you up to three months. During this time, we advise you to check the status of your new lashes.

Perhaps, you will need to do a touch up in some cases because artificial eyelashes are attached to natural ones. As is known the lifetime of natural eyelash is about three months and then falls out together with artificial lash. 3D lash extensions look more natural than all the others due to polymer that is identical in structure to human hair.

You can sleep easily without feeling uncomfortable. You may even apply cosmetics on the lashes, although this procedure you will definitely come in handy. As artificial eyelashes are lengthy themselves and they have impressive view then there is no need to use cosmetics that increase the volume and length of eyelashes. 3D lash extensions are light and they do not cause eye discomfort and cause loss of natural lashes.

In that case, if you have decided to return to your natural lashes then you can remove artificial ones easily with 3D-Lash remover, which is also based on hypoallergenic ingredients. Removing of eyelashes takes much less time than the extension procedure.


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