Pros and cons of lash extensions

I want to remind you that any interference with your appearance, whether touch up application of eyebrows, hair coloring or lash has its pros and cons, but only you can decide how important they are.

Lash extensions - pros:

Owner of lash extensions does not need to use mascara and evening de makeup every day, which often saves both time and energy, but also allows you to keep peace of mind (for example, on vacation or business trip). Your look will become expressive and eyes become beautiful.

Lash extensions are almost indistinguishable from biological hair as in the manufacture of high quality materials lashes, past multi-processing in order to maximize their safety: synthetic fiber - an identical human hair, wool, mink, fox and sable, a delicate silk and the last word in extensions technology - natural human hair.

lash extensions pros and consLash extensions technology is used only hypoallergenic adhesives. Pros: moisture-resistant, no smell and fumes, dries quickly, safety for sensitive eyes, color, length, thickness and bending lashes are selected by a lash artist strictly on an individual basis, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

Lash extensions allow visually change eye shape. For example, if you choose the right length of hair, too narrow eyes will appear more open and too round eyes - a more elongated.

Lash extensions - cons:

You will have to avoid any mechanical effects on the eyes, as well as the use of skin care products based on oils because oils destroy the glue.

In fact, the procedure like lash extensions, either plastic surgery or cosmetic elementary service has contraindications. It is various allergic reactions, acute and chronic diseases of the eye (conjunctivitis, blepharitis), involuntary tearing, susceptibility to mucosal inflammation and edema.

Lashes lifetime is shorter if you wear contact lenses. If you are constantly touching the eyelids with dressing or removing lenses - extended lashes quickly fly away The most important rule regarding lash - less touch the eyelids and lashes;

lash extensions pros and cons

To adoid any problems with eyelash extensions don’t rub your eyes during washing, but only gently cleaned with a lotion or skim milk. With lash extensions prohibited the use of oily creams, oils for eyelids and lashes.

Sleep must be carefully, experts do not recommend laying the face against in the pillow.

If you have oily skin around the eyes, you need to remove more oil by lotion, to extend the life of lashes.

Common opinion that is cheaper the extend lashes than buying mascara, is only partly true. The fact is that all manipulations with lashes (extension, touch up application, removal) should be conducted in a professional salon or a lash artist away. In this case, the cost varies depending on the quality of materials that are used, the method and the density of extensions. Regular a touch up appointment and repeated extension did not save your money, especially if you prefer premium service. Consequently, lash extensions are quite expensive and troublesome treatment.

When you’ll remove lash extensions, your own may seem quite unusual and scarce. Read more about pros and cons of eyelash extensions.

We know what woman wants and make your dreams come true. Graduates of beauty eyelash extension salons of Los Angeles will help you to create the perfect image that emphasizes your natural beauty and personality. The lash artists will listen to your needs and give necessary advice and guidance.


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