Eyelash extensions pictures

When you’ll visit some beauty salons, it is necessary to look at a portfolio of works, eyelash extensions pictures. Looking through eyelash extensions pictures, please note the following points:

  • - Extended eyelashes should be thick.
  • - Lashes should be aligned, one to one, to an eyelash to an eyelash.
  • - It should not be visible gluing on them, and especially glue pieces.
  • - All natural lashes should be extended, except for the very small one.
  • - And remember the most important rule: individual lash extensions technology, which means that each natural lash attached at artificial one. You may also learn how to apply individual eyelash extensions.

Be careful of cheap advertising with floor prices, Eyelashes can be carried out by unskilled eyelash stylist, who can not extend eyelash according to the technology, as it has no experience.

Trust only your beauty to professionals. Always remember that quality is never cheap. And the joy of low price disappears much faster than the pleasure of high quality!

Beauty salons Charlotte, NC, anyone can get the full range of services necessary to maintain itself in a beautiful and healthy form. There are fitness, massage, eyelash extensions, hair care, hand care and foot care, body care and face in beauty salons! Eyelash stylists direct their energies at improving the client's health.

We strongly believe that all clients are beautiful, and life in the modern metropolis should not leave their mark on your appearance. Highly qualified specialists to easily withdraw all the tiredness, restoring natural beauty and health!


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