Eyelash extension course Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Eyelash extension course in Perth includes all disciplines required qualification “Eyelash Extension Stylist.” You get certificates from the International Center of extension and design eyelashes and Training Center Master of Art after on leaving the eyelash extension course in Perth.

A certificate of such class immediately proves yourself to be a good lash artist in the market as a high-major specialist in the field. A certificate provides the opportunity to work in beauty eyelash extension salons in Perth and at home.

The lash artists who trained with eyelash extension course in Perth, show themselves to the best advantage and demonstrate commitment to hard work, lash artists offer a unique opportunity to undergo training at Training Center Master of Art in Perth. Internships give you the opportunity to further employment in our center.

As already mentioned, we are working together with the International Center eyelash extension and design of the US, a serious organization, which is known worldwide for its high standards and quality of work.

Think about it, your success always depends on you! And, if fate gives you a chance to change your lives for the better, you cannot abandon it. In the case of working with us, the changes in your life, and require minimal time and cost.


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