Top 10 list of best lengthening mascaras 2012

Every woman dreams about the mysterious and fascinating look, and it does not matter how old she is. Best mascara, which is used by a woman - it's her little secret. Mascara helps to achieve the desired result. What kind of mascara is the most popular and widespread? Every woman has her own opinion about it and our goal is to find the best tool on the shelves of beauty shops that is able to work wonders with the eyelashes.

The best lengthening mascara: what is it?

Maybelline - Lash Stiletto

Maybelline - Lash Stiletto best lengthening mascara 2012

The unique composition of the mascara with silk proteins and vitamin B2 helps to strengthen the lashes. However, the most important thing - it is lengthening effect as well as a deep and rich color. There are no clumps after the application, and the tool also does not crumble.

Maybelline - Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara

Maybelline - Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara best lengthening mascara 2012

It is this mascara is recognized as the best lengthening mascara 2012. Being an inexpensive mascara, it does not stick together lashes, not peel off, not spoil the beauty because of clumps. Mascara is quickly and easily applied with a brush. However, for those ladies who want to get the volume and to lengthen lashes, it is better to choose other means.

Le 2 de Guerlain

Le 2 de Guerlain best lengthening mascara 2012

This mascara with two comfortable brushes, one of which creates a delightful curl and the required volume, the second brush tints roots and tips of the cilia. Admiring gaze and no clumps are guaranteed!

Lancome - Lengthening Mascara L'Extreme

Lancome - Lengthening Mascara L'Extreme best lengthening mascara 2012

Extreme lengthening - this is the exact effect that this mascara allows you to get. You can also you’re your lashes using this means. The undeniable advantage is that the mascara does not sting your eyes when you remove it.

L'Oreal - Telescopic Explosion

L'Oreal - Telescopic Explosion best lengthening mascara 2012

The spherical brush, which is dotted with many small bristles, will create the perfect image of a fatal beauty. Brush can move on cilia in a variety of ways, tinting and not missing even the smallest lashes.

Christian Dior - Diorshow Black Out

Christian Dior - Diorshow Black Out best lengthening mascara 2012

To give a volume to the lashes before applying mascara makeup artists use powder. Now, this procedure is optional, as the famous fashion house has added to its agent - Diorshow Black Out - black powder. At the same time a brush allows you to paint eyelashes from the roots to the tips, not missing a millimeter.

YSL - Mascara Volume Infini Curl

YSL - Mascara Volume Infini Curl best lengthening mascara 2012

It is an ideal tool which increases the volume and falls evenly on the lashes. A convenient brush allows simulating the curling of eyelashes. The good news is that mascara is hypoallergenic, so it will be an indispensable tool for sensitive eyes. However, there is a small flaw - mascara dries very quickly and badly washed out.

Chanel - Exceptionnel Noir Obscure

Chanel - Exceptionnel Noir Obscure best lengthening mascara 2012

Volumeplast is as a part of a special set of tools, which gives the volume to cilia, lengthens them and allows you to simulate the curl. All cilia are perfectly stained in dark black.

Dolce & Gabbana - Volumized Lashes

Dolce and Gabbana - Volumized Lashes best lengthening mascara 2012

Silky, shiny and voluminous lashes are guaranteed for those women who will be going to use this mascara. This statement is also confirmed by the famous beauty of the planet - Scarlett Johansson, who is representative of this reputable company. Convenient brushes and unique formula mascara make it indispensable for women. The mascara is presented in two colors - brown and black.

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Bourjois - Volume Glamour

Bourjois - Volume Glamour best lengthening mascara 2012

Intense color, perfect texture of mascara and its uniform application make this means one of the best. In order not to the chemical components do not spoil the lashes the creators included natural resins and silicone in the composition that gently envelop the lashes. One bottle is enough for three or four months of use!

So, these leaders represent the best mascara on the cosmetic market in the world. What will be the best, it's up to you.


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