How to apply individual eyelash extensions?

individual eyelash extensionThere are different types of eyelash extensions. I use Japanese technology namely individual eyelash extension. To each lash ... glued second one ... The procedure is long, more two hours. Material that is used for extension procedure also can be different.

How to apply individual eyelash extensions?

On average, the life of individual eyelash extensions is 3-4 weeks - that for such period are replaced by your own lashes.

Loss of eyelash extensions is naturally and unnoticeably: the natural eyelash and artificial one fall out together.

Applying for individual eyelash extensions is reduced to a few simple rules compliance.

  • 1) Do not wash your eyes for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • 2) Do not go to the swimming pool or in the SPA within 48 hours after eyelash extensions procedure.
  • 3) Do not rub your eyes
  • 4) Do not use waterproof mascara or oil content. Mascara must be water-based, for removing lashes use oil-free agent, water-based. Apply mascara only to the tips of the lashes.
  • 5) It is recommended getting a touch up every 2-3 weeks.

This can be a mink, sable or silk. Mink is the most widely use for its texture. Texture of mink is closest to the natural lashes, as it fits all types of lashes, even for weak and small. Sable material is a thick and black ... heavy lashes, suitable for strong eyelashes better for volume and girls with oriental type of appearance, they are usually thick eyelashes. Silk - thin eyelashes ... natural, a little glitter ... they are more direct. Do not worry it's not animals who plucked hairs ... is the name of the thickness of eyelashes.

What are eyelash extensions? As you know, the lashes have different lengths ... 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm.

  • Thanks to this procedure, as the eyelash extensions, a lot of the lash effects are appeared.
  • Natural – extensions on your lashes with a slight addition of length.
  • Doll - maximum length + the maximum volume
  • Fox - a smooth transition from short to longer
  • Squirrel – to extend only the outer corners of the eyes
  • Millennium – eyelash extensions with adding strass and colored lashes
  • Cocktail - with the addition of colored lashes
  • 3D - max volume and adding length

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